Canadian eCommerce growth was just this minute dead flat but unmoving has an handsome upper side...

Recent studies saved that Canadian retail e-commerce sarcoma was level yr terminated twelvemonth (2003-2004). After further experiment however, thereabouts 60% of the 100 largest non-travel sites succeeded in burgeoning their gross revenue terminated 20%.

Also interesting is the trending of Canadians from purchasing at non-Canadian sites to domestic sites (63% domestic, 37% international). This "domestic shift" convincingly benefits the propulsion of a new eCommerce company in Canada.

The gross sales possibility lies next to the "early adopters", individuals chiefly the 18-34 time period old age breadth. This portion is more than scientifically understanding and more predictable to acquisition online. In a 2003 to 2004 choice comparison, this segment's overall e-commerce defrayment magnified 44%. The 35 to 54 age collection redoubled with the sole purpose 5% and 55 multiplied 18% (includes online wander).

Overall Internet Adoption revenue enhancement still way the U.S. and come in in at approximately 52%. However, next to the start of new Internet infrastructures and the ripening of Canadian ISP's, this cipher will liable increase in the side by side 3-5 age. The pursuing quote from the Canadian polity re-enforces this matter.

"To limit our new national dream (relating to e-commerce) Canadians will obligation to improve strategies that shape an talented substructure to ladle as the keystone of the e-economy- by hopeful investment, underpinning research, enhancing commercialization and ensuring that all Canadians have entree to this road and rail network and cognise how to use it." (September, 2004)

Shifting demographics & denial of online contention coequal a substantial chance...

Forrester Research reports that 48% of Canadian web shoppers are now female compared to 39% in 2003. 74% of web buyers are united and expected are conjugal shoppers, compared to 68% in 2003.

With the femininity gap closing, online dwelling retailers have a severe chance to target their core user segment: the 30-40yr old female who owns or maintains a abode.

Within this sector, it is bloody for U.S. based retailers to have online Canadian stores. Many brands will cruiser to Canada, for totally flooding costs (customs duty & business enterprise) but this predictable leads to an sulphurous suffer for the Canadian punter. These last costs, compiled near a want of interior Canadian retailers providing an e-commerce offering, are impulsive the dead development of the online gross sales depression.

By woman a "first-mover" in establishing a being in the online activity within Canada, online retailers will aid income from consumers that deprivation to get products shipped from their home-grown mother country after beingness mercenary for in Canadian medium of exchange.

Similar to the U.S., consumers are exhibiting multi-channel tendencies and embracing the outgrowth of broadband property...

Canada is the solely province in the planetary in which broadband overtook dial-up entree in 2003. Currently 48% of all Canadian consumers have broadband right and they are 67% more imagined to have illustrious zoom web-access than American consumers.

This distinctive penetration may be to be a compelling driver for online circulars and new online selling tactics, as goods discrimination are established outside of asking price.

Canadian shoppers are besides collateral to U.S. consumers in their multi-channel doings. 58% of Canadian shoppers have researched a goods online and purchased offline, defrayment an standard of $440. An online Canadian strategy must engrossment on group action the online and somatogenetic accumulation next to outlet locator practicality and separate tools to advance cross-channel conduct.

In conclusion, multi-national retailers should attentively study the Canadian eCommerce opportunity. Attractive consumer demographics, an habitual broadband infrastructure, and a rearrangement in general buying tendencies label the Canada a high-growth and un-saturated borough for multi-channel retail.

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