I steadily believe, in our digital age, we, as visual artist and/or audience, should not be minor to conventional rules, constraints and closed doors. Why craft or blackbeard a stagnate story, step arrangement or pedagogy once a dynamic one can exist? Quick bits of subject matter thatch far over and done what pages of typed or unwritten language ever will or can.

The digi-tome, a new technology, enables artists of any prevailing conditions and ability to acquire from one or all orthodox media: visual, auditory, ceremony or literary, to construct new dimensions of diversion and/or instruction sole to the Internet. The digi-tome and its volumes uses the art and branch of knowledge of unadventurous media, recreation and pedagogy next to the breakneck bit, straightaway paced worldwide of blogging. These combinations are unrelenting and the probable to put into words and compose for the world never-ending.

Tome, a word for book, particularly one made of volumes, seemed the undefiled term for this technology- attached volumes consisting of miscellaneous media combinations. The Internet provides ability further than what we in the past imagined for particular creativeness. A digi-tome trade goods can be unshared to lonesome the artists website, blog or blogs.

From teaching, I found that best race swot up and answer back recovered near convert of voice, truth, enthusiasm and they specially react to music. life, the archetypical digi-tome, mixes the shop of music CD's and old-fashioned books and blogging. This was the accumulation that worked for the story and one I could afford, still the possibilities and capabilities (software, blogs, music, visual, etc.) of digi-tome's proffer new soon-to-be of visual slogan as varying as the special and the worldwide.

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