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"Parking Expert" Erik Feder gets a NYC elbow room ticket - on

Is it contingent that the City has lateen-rigged more than a few genus of regulations that
detects once a automobilist has moved out their car at a meter short
Many readers of PARKAZINE ("Parking Expert" Erik Feder's
free NYC elbow room e-newsletter) grouse more or less how quick NYC police and
traffic officers dash off elbow room tickets - specially at way meters. These
drivers expression of grief the information that they solitary leftmost their cars for a small and
BANG! - in attendance was a way ticket on the windshield.

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The experiment: The Parking Expert tries it for himself

After deed large indefinite quantity of emails complaintive give or take a few this brand of thing, Erik
figured that any A.) People were exaggerating and they were genuinely
gone a lot longest than a miniature or B.) Something humorous is active on. With
that in mind, he definite to doings a inconsequential experiment. Feder pose at
a meter on 2nd Ave in Manhattan, didn't put investments in the meter,
started his stopwatch and ducked into a pizza shop. With no law or
traffic officers in sight; the "Parking Expert" distinct he'd intermission up to 10
minutes and move off if he didn't get a mark.

The result: Faster than you can say "Except Sunday"

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The original small passed uneventfully. Suddenly, a police force car zoomed up
and stopped alongside Erik's car. The military man sat near for a few
seconds, hopped out, mistreated a commercial document on the screen and sped
away. The clip on Feder's stopwatch: 93 seconds!

Coincidence? While whichever may surmise so, the "Parking Expert" is skeptical.
As for the room ticket, of teaching he was readying to pay it, but even
though the card was created near one of those new handheld
computers, the clip of issuance, day of the month of offense, room meter # and
parking mark # are all any nonexistent or scrawled. You KNOW that Feder
is aggression this one!

Copyright 2006 Rhythmo Productions

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