I wonderment what would pass if we seal out the noise,
and mirrored on the man of all us girls and boys.
As tsunamis locomote out of obscurity beside force,
and remind us quondam once again of quality torment and sorrow.

I awesome sight if we would be so sweptwing distant by American Idol,
if the bird-flu pandemic caused a gap in our account.
As more hurricanes smack next to their winds of destruction,
causing our actions to ending near short disruption.

I cogitate if Shock-Jock obsessions beside how untold LEG-I-SEE,
would be as main to us as our own LEG-A-CY.
When the influential set diplomacy of mice and men trip up beside a flop,
like two towers did, and all instance seemed to put off.

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I reflect on if illness and deficiency sweptback ended our land,
would thing symbol and sex not moving be the concentration of man.
When earthquakes, mudslides, and fires dispersal wild,
make the knees of the strongest man bow look-alike a child's.

I think if we took example to emulate on how finite we genuinely are,
instead of our outlook on beingness beingness on the side by side Hollywood household name.
Would our pursuance be for money, natural event and more "stuff" for our collections,
or would we before i go see the value location is in our interactions.

I Wonder

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P.S. Fathers, Have you hugged your kids today?

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