"Little Shop of Horrors" is a humorous metrical fearfulness moving picture active a man-eating works from outside outer space. The motion picture stars Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, Steve Martin and Jim Belushi and features Levi Stubbs as the voice of Audrey II, the industrial plant.

The the flicks takes plop in the slums of a humongous town in the earlier 1960s. Seymour Krelborne (Moranis) and Audrey (Greene) manual labour at a industrial plant store for an old man titled Mushnik (Gardenia). Business is doing hugely scantily until pursuing a entire eclipse, Seymour finds a greatly uncharacteristic complex in Chinatown, which he buys and decides to display at Mushnik's retail store. Once company see the plant, they go rather intrigued by it and kick off purchase gobs of flowers.

Seymour soon learns that the plant, which he traducement Audrey II, requires liquid body substance to grow, so he starts puncture his fingers and uptake the factory next to his blood. Audrey II after a while grows into a human-sized elephant of a factory and begins discussion. The works tells Seymour that it wants to eat a quality body, which implementation Seymour needs to annihilate cause. After a few deliberation, Seymour decides to gun down Audrey's sadistic young man Orin Scrivello (Martin), a zany medical man who abuses her. Seymour visits Orin in his office, where on earth Orin becomes physiological condition next to a military vehicle of laughing gas which he can't expurgate. Seymour takes familial Orin's organic structure and cuts it up for Audrey II.

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With Orin out of the way, Audrey waterfall in adulation beside Seymour. But now Mushnik smells thing fishy when he discovers authentication of cruel dramatic work on Seymour's portion. As a result, Seymour is guarded to massacre Mushnik as cured and food him to Audrey II.

Things get genuinely out of hand when Audrey II goes after Audrey. Seymour manages to retrieval her. But afterwards he gets a look in from a businessperson named Patrick Martin (Belushi) who proposes article up pieces of Audrey II and selling them in the region of the worldwide. Seymour learns that this was Audrey II's scheme all along at international tyranny. Seymour battles it out beside Audrey II, to finish defeating him by electrocution, then he lives optimistically ever after with Audrey "somewhere that's green".

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